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Congress Leader Nilesh Kumbhani Missing Amid Lok Sabha Nomination Controversy

Congress Leader Nilesh Kumbhani Missing Amid Lok Sabha Nomination Controversy

Congress leader Nilesh Kumbhani, whose nomination for the Lok Sabha seat was rejected due to alleged discrepancies, is currently unreachable, local media reported today. This development occurred following the declaration of BJP’s Mukesh Dalal as the winner of the seat after all rival candidates withdrew from the contest.

Missing Congress Leader Amid BJP Speculations

Reports suggest that Mr. Kumbhani may consider joining the BJP, leading to protests by Congress workers outside his residence. They displayed posters branding him as “people’s traitor”.

BJP’s Victory in Surat Lok Sabha Seat

The recent Lok Sabha elections in Surat saw a significant victory for the BJP. Gujarat BJP chief CR Paatil hailed this win as the presentation of “the first lotus” to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Mukesh Dalal, the BJP candidate for the Surat Lok Sabha seat, was declared the winner uncontested.

Congress Allegations and Demands

The Congress has raised concerns with the Election Commission, accusing the Gujarat BJP of exerting “wrong and undue influence” and demanding a fresh start to the poll process.

Request for Election Postponement

Party spokesperson Abhishek Singhvi addressed reporters after meeting the Election Commissioners, stating, “We have requested the Election Commission to postpone the election in Surat and conduct it again shortly to send a clear message that such undue influence cannot be tolerated.”

Controversy Surrounding Kumbhani’s Nomination

Singhvi highlighted the circumstances around Kumbhani’s nomination, stating that although he was nominated by four proposers, they later denied their signatures, leading to the rejection of his candidacy.

Timeline of Events in Surat

April 18: Nilesh Kumbhani files nomination for Surat Lok Sabha seat.

April 19: BJP worker Dinesh Jodhani objects to Kumbhani’s nomination, alleging fake signatures.

April 20: Polling officials receive affidavits from proposers claiming signatures on Kumbhani’s nomination are not genuine. District Election Officer seeks Kumbhani’s reply.

April 21: Kumbhani’s nomination is cancelled by the District Election Officer as neither he nor his proposers show up to support his nomination. Efforts to reach his proposers, including close relatives, were unsuccessful.

April 22: On the last day of nomination withdrawal, eight candidates, including those from the BSP and Independents, withdraw. BJP’s Mukesh Dalal is declared the winner.

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