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Lok Sabha Elections 2024: Will Sam Pitroda’s resignation be damage control?

Lok Sabha Elections 2024: Will Sam Pitroda's resignation be damage control?

Sam Pitroda Remark: Once again, Congress’s troubles seem to be increasing amid the Lok Sabha elections. After the racial remarks of Indian Overseas Congress Chairman Sam Pitroda, BJP has made it an election issue and is continuously attacking Congress. This is not the first time that he has given such controversial statements. As the controversy escalated, Sam Pitroda resigned from the post of President of the Indian Overseas Congress on Wednesday (8 May). Congress immediately accepted his resignation.

PM Modi targeted

Controversy has arisen over the racial remarks of Congress leader Sam Pitroda. He has said that the people of East India look like Chinese and South Indians look like African citizens. PM Narendra Modi termed Sam Pitroda’s comments as racial and said that people will not tolerate attempts to insult countrymen on the basis of skin colour. Earlier, Pitroda had created controversy by talking about inheritance tax. BJP had also made this statement an election issue.

What did Sam Pitroda say that created an uproar?

Sam Pitroda said in a podcast, “We have been living in a very pleasant environment for 75 years, where people can live together except for some fights. We can keep a country full of diversity like India united. While the people of Eastern India look like Chinese, the people of the West look like Arabs, the people of the North look like whites and the South Indians look like Africans.

PM Modi connected with the President

Taking aim at Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, Prime Minister Modi said that he now understood that Congress wanted to defeat Draupadi Murmu in the Presidential elections because her skin color is black.

Sam Pitroda has given controversial statements many times

BJP said, “On a question regarding the 1984 riots, Pitroda had said that it happened, it happened. In 2019, when preparations were being made for the general elections in the country, he had said in the context of Pulwama terrorist attack that such attacks keep happening. .”

Sam Pitroda had given a statement on Ram Temple that this will not solve the problems of inflation, unemployment, education and health. He had said that the temple cannot provide employment, yet everyone is seen talking about Ram and Hanuman.

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