PM Modi's Response to Nitish Kumar's Sex Education Statement - Empowering Women and Ensuring Respect


PM Modi's Response to Nitish Kumar's Sex Education Statement - Empowering Women and Ensuring Respect

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PM Modi's Response to Nitish Kumar's Sex Education Statement - Empowering Women and Ensuring Respect
PM Narendra Modi's reaction to Nitish Kumar's remarks on sex education.

PM Narendra Modi has responded strongly to Bihar's Chief Minister, Nitish Kumar's controversial statement on sex education. The Prime Minister addressed the matter during a public gathering in Guna, Madhya Pradesh, where he expressed his concerns and laid out the government's commitment to empowering women and ensuring respect for all.

PM Modi began his speech by referencing a recent incident that had been widely covered in the media. He highlighted the actions of a prominent leader of the I.N.D.I Alliance, a political group that has been making significant waves on the political landscape. This leader, while representing the alliance, made inappropriate and disrespectful remarks about mothers and sisters in the state legislature. PM Modi was quick to express his disappointment, stating that such behavior should be a source of shame.

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Continuing his address, PM Modi launched a scathing attack on the I.N.D.I Alliance, questioning the depths to which they were willing to sink. He pointed out that not a single leader from the alliance had spoken out against the derogatory comments made about women. This, he said, was a matter of grave concern and reflected poorly on the alliance's values.

Shifting the focus to women's welfare and empowerment, PM Modi highlighted the government's efforts in this regard. He underlined the role of Self-Help Groups (SHGs) in strengthening the financial independence of rural women. Through various schemes and initiatives, the BJP-led central government has significantly increased the loan amount available to SHGs through banks. Previously, these groups could secure loans of up to 10 lakh rupees without collateral. Thanks to the government's interventions, this limit has been raised to 20 lakh rupees, providing women with greater financial security.

Women's empowerment, PM Modi emphasized, remains a top priority for the BJP government, both at the central and state levels. He proudly stated that over 80 lakh women in Madhya Pradesh have benefited from the Ujjwala Yojana, a government program that provides them with access to clean cooking gas.

Furthermore, out of these beneficiaries, a substantial number belongs to Guna, the very region where the gathering was taking place. In a strategic move, PM Modi also highlighted the political landscape in Madhya Pradesh, drawing a comparison between the government led by "double-engine" (both central and state governments under BJP) and the "double-danger" posed by the Congress party. He stressed that the synergy between the central and state governments had led to rapid development in Madhya Pradesh.

PM Narendra Modi's response to Nitish Kumar's statement on sex education was not only a strong rebuke of disrespectful comments but also an assertion of the government's commitment to women's welfare and empowerment. The speech was a powerful display of leadership and highlighted the government's initiatives in this direction.