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Salman Khan’s Blockbuster Film “Tere Naam” Leaves a Lasting Impression

Salman Khan's Blockbuster Film "Tere Naam" Leaves a Lasting Impression

Salman Khan’s portrayal in the superhit film “Tere Naam” left an indelible mark on audiences. With a stellar performance and emotionally charged scenes, Khan effortlessly brought tears to the eyes of viewers. Initially depicted as a rough character reminiscent of a gangster, Khan’s character often drew comparisons with Kabir Singh, adding layers of complexity to his role. Alongside Salman, Ravi Kishan also graced the screen, delivering a noteworthy performance.

Insights from Ravi Kishan on Working with Salman Khan

During an exclusive interview with Lallantop, Ravi Kishan shared his experience of working with Salman Khan on the set of “Tere Naam.” When asked about Salman’s behavior, Kishan remarked, “Artists are often moody. When I felt that my co-star wasn’t syncing well with me, I would give them space.”

The Reason Behind Salman’s Seclusion

Revealing the rationale behind his distance from Salman Khan during the filming of “Tere Naam,” Ravi Kishan explained, “On the set of ‘Tere Naam,’ I gave Salman his space. His character as Radhe demanded intense immersion, much like what Satish Kaushik envisioned. Salman too preferred to remain immersed in his role, hence I maintained my distance.”

Post-Shoot Camaraderie

“After the shooting wrapped up, I would meet Salman, and eventually, we became friends. We would often dine together or engage in various activities. It was during these moments that our friendship strengthened,” shared Ravi. He further revealed their shared roots, stating, “Both Salman and I hail from Bandra. In our childhood, Salman’s brother Sohail and I were friends. They knew me before I became a star, while Salman was already a superstar.”

A Glimpse into the Past and Future

Reflecting on “Tere Naam,” the film that graced the screens in 2003 and became an instant hit, one cannot overlook its impact. Meanwhile, Ravi Kishan’s upcoming film “Lapataganj Ladies,” set to release on March 1st, promises to captivate audiences. Additionally, audiences can anticipate seeing him in Netflix’s series “Legal Affairs.”

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