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NYT Strands Answers For May 15: How To Play, Today’s Words

NYT Strands Answers For May 15: How To Play, Today’s Words

Tired of playing the same word, The New York Times (NYT) has come up with a brand new puzzle to test your vocabulary. The new Strands game is a bit more challenging as you don’t have to understand a word after a certain number of tries. Instead, you have to identify a total of 6-8 words from a confusing series of letters, all based on a simple theme. Thanks to NYT’s user-friendly design, the overall experience you can expect from the game is casual, but you can expect your little gray cells to be fully utilized.

NYT Beach: Directions
Edited by Wordel curator Tracy Bennett, the New Strands games can be accessed daily via the games section of the NYT website.

NYT Beach: How to play
Start with a 6×8 grid with 54 characters. All you have to do is select a series of letters that you think make a word.

Well, these words are not random, each one is based on a daily theme. This topic appears in a box labeled “Today’s Topic” on the left.

You should identify 6-8 words related to this topic every day.

Now there is a fun element called Spangrams. This is a hidden theme that is only revealed when you find all six words.

Wondering why Spangram? Well, the words were spread all over the internet. Add “span” to “anagram” and voila! You can get Spangram.

Here’s a helpful video from YouTuber Every Day Doug.

Now that you have the game, here is today’s answer.

NYT Strand Answers May 15, 2024
The topic of today’s thread: American entertainment

Today’s answer to Strings is:

Foundation, endowment
was standing
Spangram: Ballpark
We hope you enjoyed our handy guide to NYT majors. Stay tuned to ABP Live Gaming for more guides and stories.

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