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Pink Lipstick, Milk Nails, French Manis & More Unveiled by Hollywood’s Top Glam Squads

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In the realm of beauty, 2023 emerged as an iconic year, ushering in trends that mesmerized Hollywood and global audiences alike. This year’s beauty extravaganza spotlighted the expertise of 40 elite professionals—hairstylists, makeup artists, and nail maestros—whose artistry graced the faces and fingertips of celebrities. From the allure of Pink Lipstick to the captivating charm of Milk Nails and the timeless elegance of French Manis, these trends redefined beauty standards on and off the red carpet.

Amidst the glamour of events like the Oscars and Met Gala, the faces of stars like Zoe Saldaña, Adam Driver, Michael B. Jordan, and others were transformed by these artisans. The article delves into the insights and favorite moments shared by these top-tier beauty pros. From Michelle Yeoh’s goddess-like appearance at the Academy Awards to Selena Gomez flaunting an unexpected lip color at the VMAs and Kristen Stewart’s striking Met Gala look with a spiky mullet, the narrative unveils the magic woven by these artists.

However, the industry wasn’t immune to challenges. The impact of resolved writers’ strikes and ongoing actors’ strikes redirected many professionals towards commercial campaigns and European fashion weeks, adapting to the changing landscape. Despite these hurdles, the resilience and creativity of these professionals shone through, with innovation marking every style they crafted.

Adir Abergel, Chris Appleton, Tom Bachik, Dana Boyer, and Renato Campora stand tall among the industry’s luminaries, their stories narrating journeys of passion, dedication, and evolving artistry. Abergel’s journey, sculpting iconic looks like Charlize Theron’s bowl cut and Kristen Stewart’s Chanel appearance, speaks volumes about the artistry behind the scenes.

Appleton, known for his flair with wigs and extensions, epitomizes variety and visibility in the world of beauty. His collaborations with mega stars like Kim Kardashian and Drew Barrymore, along with his role as Color Wow’s creative director, showcase his influence and artistic prowess.

Bachik’s unexpected foray into manicures saw the birth of the American Manicure, adorning the nails of Selena Gomez and Jennifer Lopez. His career-defining moment at the 2020 Super Bowl with J. Lo pulsates with energy and excitement.

Boyer’s journey, starting with assisting Rudi Lewis, speaks of adaptability amidst challenges like the ongoing actors’ strike, emphasizing the importance of loyal clients and diverse engagements in sustaining the industry.

Campora’s evolution from the ’90s Paris fashion scene to becoming a sought-after hair pro in L.A. underlines the transformative power of artistry. His journey, sparked by Liv Tyler’s request during the Lord of the Rings press junket, epitomizes the unexpected turns that define this industry.

In essence, 2023 unveiled a panorama of beauty, not just in the polished appearances of stars but in the untold stories of dedication, resilience, and the undying passion of these glam squads shaping the industry’s trends.


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