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Canada vs. India: Truth Behind Nijjar’s Killing

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India’s Foreign Minister, S. Jaishankar, addressed concerns regarding the investigation into the tragic killing of Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar. He affirmed that the Indian government does not deny the investigation related to Nijjar’s murder but urged the Canadian government to substantiate its claims, particularly those implicating Indian agents in Nijjar’s demise. Jaishankar, currently on a visit to Britain, engaged in discussions covering several issues, including China and Canada, during a program.

Involvement in Bilateral Events

During his visit to London, Jaishankar actively participated in the return ceremony of ancient idols stolen from a temple in Lokhari, Uttar Pradesh, dating back to the 8th century. He also addressed allegations leveled against Canada and discussed these incidents. This statement from the Foreign Minister comes at a time when, two months earlier, Justin Trudeau’s government accused Indian agents of Nijjar’s murder, leading India’s top diplomat to depart from Ottawa.

Asserting Transparency and Freedom of Expression

Expressing concerns, Jaishankar highlighted what he perceives as Canada accommodating aggressive and extremist policies within its political landscape. He emphasized the need to differentiate these policies, including advocating separatism from India, with the primary responsibility of India. He indicated that these individuals have found a place within Canada’s political arena, exercising freedom of expression. However, he underscored that freedom of speech and expression should be exercised responsibly.

Caution Against Misuse of Liberties for Political Gains

Jaishankar cautioned against misusing these liberties and freedoms for political motives, stating that such actions are not acceptable. He invited anyone with substantial evidence supporting allegations to share them for a fair investigation, emphasizing their willingness to cooperate without denial.

Views on India-China Relations

Shifting the discussion to China, the Foreign Minister acknowledged China’s rise as a reality while affirming India’s concurrent ascent. He stressed that while the growth trajectories might differ, they cannot be equated quantitatively or qualitatively. Highlighting the deep-rooted histories of both nations, Jaishankar asserted the need to discern certain aspects and underscored India’s prominence globally in terms of both economy and population.


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