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What It Means for Your Account

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1. Google’s Inactivity Policy Update

Google’s revised inactivity policy, implemented in May this year, has significant implications for dormant Gmail accounts.

2. Account Deletion Process

Under the updated policy, any Gmail account left untouched for the past two years will face deletion, starting in December 2023. This includes all associated content like Docs, Drive, Meet, Calendar, and Google Photos.

3. Personal Accounts Only

It’s important to note that this policy is exclusively applicable to personal accounts. Accounts associated with organizations will remain unaffected.

4. Why is Google Deleting Accounts?

The primary reason behind this policy change is security. Accounts left dormant for extended periods are more vulnerable to compromise, especially if they don’t have Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) enabled. These accounts are still using outdated password protection methods.

5. Pre-Deletion Reminders

Google is taking steps to notify users with inactive accounts before they are deleted. Users will receive multiple reminders, including recovery emails, explaining the inactivity policy and highlighting steps to prevent their accounts from deletion.

6. How to Protect Your Account

To prevent your Google account from being deleted, engage with it regularly by:

7. Exceptions to Deletion

Certain accounts are exempt from deletion, such as accounts linked to product or service subscriptions, accounts used for YouTube video uploads, accounts with monetary gift cards, or those associated with children’s accounts. Additionally, accounts used for app publishing remain safe.

By following these guidelines, you can safeguard your Google account and maintain access to your valuable content. Don’t let your account become a victim of Google’s inactivity policy.


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