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Hamid Ahmad Targets Muslim Nations, Stirring Controversy

Hamid Ahmad

In a recent turn of events, the renowned zealot Hamid Ahmad, famously known as the Red Cap in Pakistan, has shifted his focus from India to Muslim nations. A video of him expressing disparaging remarks against Muslim countries is rapidly gaining traction on social media platforms. In this video, he can be heard condemning Muslim nations with vehement rhetoric. He proclaimed, “I have informed you how the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, warned the entire Ummah through more than 100 Hadiths about the hellfire… be warned!”

Foundation of Extremist Views

Ahmad asserted, “There is substantial evidence supporting this because sovereignty in Islam is considered forbidden. Therefore, we Muslims aim to destabilize the Muslim world so that we can establish a caliphate.”

He further stated, “Ghazwa-e-Hind will be against Pakistan because Pakistan was once a part of India. Similarly, to dismantle the other Muslim countries which have emerged today as sovereign states is essential to establish a caliphate.”

Self-Proclaimed Advocate of Radical Islam

Hamid Ahmad considers himself an ardent supporter of Islam. Every day, he continues to make controversial statements concerning Islam. Some of his remarks are unsettling even to Muslim nations. Consequently, he has faced arrest in countries like Saudi Arabia, known for its strict adherence to Islamic principles.

Additionally, Ahmad is identified as a Pakistani defense expert. Several images depict him adorned in the jersey of the Pakistani army, and he is often seen participating in televised debates. However, his debates often veer towards inflammatory rhetoric rather than insightful discourse.

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