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Heatwave Alert: West Bengal, Karnataka, UP, Odisha, Bihar, Jharkhand; Rain in Punjab, Rajasthan, North-East India: IMD

Heatwave Alert: West Bengal, Karnataka, UP, Odisha, Bihar, Jharkhand; Rain in Punjab, Rajasthan, North-East India: IMD

Heatwave Alert: Summer heat is not just a simple discomfort; it can be a serious health risk, particularly in regions experiencing heatwaves. The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued a heatwave alert for several states in India, including West Bengal, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh (UP), Odisha, Bihar, and Jharkhand. Meanwhile, relief is expected in the form of rain showers in Punjab, Rajasthan, and parts of North-East India.

Heatwave Alert in West Bengal

West Bengal is bracing itself for scorching temperatures as the mercury rises. The IMD has issued a heatwave alert, advising residents to take necessary precautions to stay safe. The state government has urged people to stay indoors during peak hours, drink plenty of water, and avoid strenuous outdoor activities to prevent heat-related illnesses.

Karnataka Prepares for High Temperatures

Karnataka, too, is facing the heatwave conditions, with temperatures soaring above normal levels. The IMD has issued a warning for the state, emphasizing the need for staying hydrated and avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun. Authorities have advised citizens to stay indoors, especially during the hottest parts of the day, and to wear loose, light-colored clothing to mitigate the effects of the heat.

Uttar Pradesh (UP) Braces for Heatwave

In Uttar Pradesh, the heatwave alert has put residents on high alert. With temperatures expected to rise significantly, the state government has issued guidelines to minimize heat-related health risks. People are advised to avoid going out unnecessarily, keep themselves well-hydrated, and seek medical help in case of any heat-related symptoms.

Odisha and Bihar Under Heatwave Alert

Odisha and Bihar are also facing the heatwave conditions, prompting authorities to issue advisories to the public. Residents are urged to stay indoors, use fans or air conditioners to stay cool, and avoid consuming alcohol or caffeine, which can lead to dehydration.

Jharkhand: Heatwave Warning

Jharkhand has been placed under a heatwave warning by the IMD, indicating dangerously high temperatures. Citizens are urged to take precautions, such as wearing lightweight clothing, staying in shaded areas, and drinking plenty of fluids to prevent heat exhaustion or heatstroke.

Rain Brings Relief to Punjab and Rajasthan

While several states grapple with the heatwave, Punjab and Rajasthan are expected to receive relief in the form of rain showers. The IMD forecasts scattered rainfall in these regions, which will help lower temperatures and provide respite from the sweltering heat.

North-East India: Expecting Rainfall

Parts of North-East India are also anticipating rainfall, bringing relief to residents from the scorching heat. The rainfall is expected to cool down the temperatures and replenish water sources, benefiting both agricultural activities and the general populace.

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