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OpenAI Hires First Employee in India to Lead Public Policy Affairs

OpenAI Hires First Employee in India to Lead Public Policy Affairs

OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, has made a significant move by hiring its first employee in India. Pragya Mishra, who previously held the position of Director of Public Affairs at Truecaller, has been appointed as the inaugural employee. She will be responsible for leading public policy affairs and partnerships in the country, starting at the end of this month.

Navigating the Technological Landscape: In a time when instances of deepfake and misuse of artificial technology are increasingly prevalent, and with the integration of AI technology even during elections, the leadership of Pragya Mishra is deemed crucial.

Previous Roles and Achievements: Before joining OpenAI, Pragya Mishra served as the Director of Public Affairs for Truecaller, where she collaborated with government ministries, investors, key stakeholders, and media partners. Prior to that, she also worked with the Meta platform for three years.

Contributions to Combat Misinformation: In 2018, Mishra led campaigns against misinformation on WhatsApp, and collaborated with Ernst & Young. Additionally, she has worked with the Royal Danish Embassy in Delhi. Mishra holds an MBA degree from the International Management Institute, Delhi.

Educational Background: Pragya Mishra pursued her graduation in Commerce from Delhi University, followed by a diploma in Bargaining and Negotiations from the London School of Economics and Political Science. She has been active as an influencer on Instagram and hosts podcasts covering topics such as mindfulness and awareness.

Who is Pragya Mishra? According to her LinkedIn profile, Pragya Mishra has been associated with Truecaller since July 2021, where she serves as the Director of Public Affairs. Prior to her tenure at Truecaller, she worked as a Communication Manager with Meta, Facebook’s parent company, for three years. Furthermore, Pragya Mishra has also collaborated with Ernst & Young and the Royal Danish Embassy in New Delhi.

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