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Outranking the Controversy: Prince Harry’s Alleged Encounter with a Stripper

Outranking the Controversy: Prince Harry's Alleged Encounter with a Stripper

A Former Stripper’s Claim

A former stripper has come forward with a sensational claim regarding an alleged encounter with Prince Harry during his wild party days in Las Vegas. The stripper, going by the name Carrie Royale, asserts that she kissed Prince Harry during an event at the Wynn Hotel in 2012, and has threatened to leak nude photos of him. According to reports, she is displeased with Harry’s memoir, “Spear,” for not mentioning their alleged interaction.

The Viral Nude Photos and Their Fallout

The scandal deepens with the emergence of purported nude photos of the Duke of Sussex, which circulated widely on social media. These images, published by The Sun in 2012, depict Harry embracing a woman clad in challenging attire. Now, Carrie Royale claims to possess additional compromising images of Harry and has hinted at posting them on her OnlyFans account.

Carrie Royale’s Grievances and Motivations

Carrie Royale’s motivations appear to stem from her dissatisfaction with Harry’s memoir, particularly his omission of their supposed liaison. She expressed her dismay, stating, “I’m a bit angry about being omitted from his book. He might not remember everyone he met that night, but he could have acknowledged certain things that happened between us.” Despite initially refraining from publicizing the photos out of respect, she now feels justified in her actions, labeling Harry as “foolish.”

Controversy Unveiled: The Night in Question

According to Carrie’s recollection of events, she was summoned to a hotel room under the impression that she was hired for an ordinary gig. Unaware of the royal presence, she alleges to have encountered a visibly intoxicated Harry and claims to have kissed him amidst his inebriation. She intends to provide further details about the incident, suggesting there is more to the story.

Facing the Fallout: Harry’s Alleged State and Carrie’s Intentions

Carrie maintains that Harry was in a state of intoxication during their encounter in 2012, insinuating that he may not recall the events clearly. She plans to divulge additional information about their interaction, implying that her intentions extend beyond mere sensationalism.

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