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Pedro Sanchez Resignation: Spanish Prime Minister Denies Corruption Allegations Against Wife

Pedro Sanchez

Pedro Sanchez, the Prime Minister of Spain, has denied allegations of corruption against his wife. He stated that false accusations have been made against his wife by a right-wing legal platform, but he will consider resigning after a judicial investigation into the matter begins. Allegations against him suggest that he has abused his position to influence a business deal.

Sanchez’s Response on Social Media

Sanchez took to his account to post a letter addressing the issue, in which he categorically denied the allegations against his wife, Begona Gomez. He mentioned that he is suspending his public agenda until Monday and will soon announce whether he will resign or stay in office.

Sanchez wrote, ‘I need to pause and reflect.’ ‘I must provide an answer to this question: whether it is appropriate to continue amidst the mudslinging in our politics by the right-wing and extreme right, whether I should remain at the helm of the government, or should I relinquish that highest honor.’

Begona to Cooperate in Investigation

52-year-old Sanchez has been Spain’s Prime Minister since 2018. He successfully formed a new left-wing coalition government in November to begin another four-year term. He is one of the longest-serving Socialist leaders in Europe. On Wednesday, a Spanish judge agreed to investigate corruption allegations against Sanchez’s wife by a private group. The case has been filed in a court in Madrid. Sanchez stated that his wife, Begona, will fully cooperate in the judicial investigation.

Concerns Over Quitting Politics – Sanchez

The court clarified that 49-year-old Begona Gomez holds no official government position and is not involved in politics. Manos Limpias has accused Gomez of allegedly using her position to influence business deals. The court didn’t provide further details and stated that the investigation is sealed. Manos Limpias identifies itself as a union, but its main activity is a platform for advancing legal matters. Additionally, Justice Minister Felix Bolanos has also called these allegations ‘false’. Sanchez wrote, ‘In short, this is an operation to pressure me into leaving politics by attacking my wife personally through land, sea, and air.’

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