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Prashant Kishor: ‘If BJP does not get 370 seats in the Lok Sabha elections then…’, Prashant Kishor’s big claim

Prashant Kishor
Prashant Kishor:  Election strategist Prashant Kishore claimed on Tuesday (21 May 2024) that there is neither any significant dissatisfaction nor a strong alternative against the Modi government at the Centre. Prashant Kishore said, NDA is going to form the government for the third time under the leadership of Modi. He said, this time BJP can win close to or more seats than the 303 seats of 2019.
In an interview given to NDTV, PK said, I think Modi-led BJP is returning to power. They may get equal or slightly more seats than last time. On the question of BJP’s target of 370 seats, Prashant Kishore said, if BJP wins 275 seats, then its leaders will not say that they will not form the government, because they have claimed to win 370 seats. We have to see whether BJP is crossing the majority mark or not. But I don’t think there is any danger in BJP returning to power.
‘If BJP does not get 370 seats then…’
Not only this, Prashant Kishore called BJP’s claim of 370 seats a smart move. He said, this changed the discussion of elections. However, PK said, “When expectations from a company are very high and despite performing well they do not live up to it, its impact is visible on the stock market. Similarly if BJP gets less than 370 seats , then it can become a topic of discussion and its effect can also be seen on the market.
PK said, “In the last 3-4 months the discussion is going on beyond 370 and 400. Consider it the strategy of BJP or the weakness of the opposition but BJP has completely shifted its target from 272 to 370. BJP has benefited from this. Now no one is saying that Modi ji will lose, everyone is saying whether he will get 370 seats or not.
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