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Prince Harry Criticized for Shifting Focus of the Invictus Games

Prince Harry Criticized for Shifting Focus of the Invictus Games

Royal expert Angela Levin criticizes Prince Harry for altering the direction of the Invictus Games, claiming that veterans involved in the event feel disillusioned with the changes.

The Transformation of the Invictus Games

Author and journalist Angela Levin asserts that veterans participating in Prince Harry’s event feel disconnected as the focus shifts away from them.

Levin’s Critique

Levin expressed her views on GBN America, stating that the games have become overly centered on the royal couple, rather than the veterans.

Prince Harry’s Return to the UK

Prince Harry is set to return to the UK next week to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games. His first visit since Kate Middleton revealed her cancer diagnosis, he will attend a church service at St Paul’s Cathedral on May 8.

Concerns Raised

Mark Dolan, the host, concurred with Levin, acknowledging that while the games are among Harry’s achievements, they have lost their essence in recent times.

Departure of Ex-Military Members

Approximately 2,000 ex-military personnel have withdrawn from the games, citing a loss of their original purpose. Dolan mentioned that some former veterans wish for Harry to step down.

Meghan Markle’s Involvement

Levin criticized Meghan Markle’s increased involvement, stating that her speeches and actions have drawn negative responses from veterans.

Meghan’s Actions

Levin highlighted Meghan’s lack of military experience and criticized her for being out of touch with the struggles of ex-military personnel.

Harry’s Previous Engagement

Levin praised Prince Harry for his previous involvement with the veterans, emphasizing his ability to inspire and uplift them.

Shift in Focus

Levin lamented that the focus of the games has shifted towards Meghan, with Harry following behind, rather than highlighting the veterans’ experiences.

Perception as a PR Exercise

Levin agreed with Mark that the veterans now perceive the Invictus Games as a PR move for the Sussexes, feeling that Harry is no longer connected to their struggles.

Financial Concerns

Levin raised concerns about the couple’s choice of accommodations, suggesting that their expensive preferences divert funds meant for victims.

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