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Risk of heart attack and stroke from Covishield vaccine: The company admitted in the British court that in some cases it can cause blood clots

Risk of heart attack and stroke from Covishield vaccine: The company admitted in the British court that in some cases it can cause blood clots

British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca has admitted that its Covid-19 vaccine may cause dangerous side effects. According to the report of British media Telegraph, AstraZeneca is accused of causing the death of many people due to their vaccine. Many others had to face serious illnesses.

AstraZeneca’s vaccine is known as Covishield in India. After this, in the documents submitted in the High Court, the company admitted that their corona vaccine could cause thrombosis thrombocytopenia syndrome i.e. TTS.

Due to this disease, blood clots form in the body and the number of platelets falls. Because of this there is also a risk of heart attack and stroke. There are 51 cases pending against the company in the High Court. The victims have demanded compensation of about Rs 1 thousand crore from AstraZeneca.

The company made the vaccine with Oxford University
AstraZeneca has developed its vaccine in collaboration with Oxford University. If the company admits during the hearing that their vaccine caused the death of many people and serious illness to others, then they could be fined heavily.

Actually, in April 2021, a person named Jamie Scott got this vaccine. After this his condition worsened. The formation of blood clots in the body had a direct impact on his brain. Apart from this, internal bleeding also occurred in Scott’s brain. According to the report, doctors told his wife that they would not be able to save Scott.

The company acknowledged the side effects in legal documents
Last year, Scott filed a complaint against AstraZeneca. In May 2023, in response to Scott’s allegations, the company claimed that their vaccine could not cause TTS. However, the company retracted this claim in legal documents submitted in the High Court in February this year.

AstraZeneca wrote that in some cases their vaccine may cause TTS. However, the company currently does not have information about what causes this disease in the vaccine. After these documents came to light, Scott’s lawyer has claimed in the court that the AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine has flaws and wrong information was given about its effectiveness.

Scientists identified vaccine-induced disease in April 2021
Scientists first identified a new disease, vaccine-induced immune thrombosis thrombocytopenia syndrome (VITT), in March 2021. Lawyers associated with the victims have claimed that VITT is actually a subset of TTS. However, AstraZeneca rejected this.

AstraZeneca said, “Our condolences go out to those who have lost loved ones or suffered serious illnesses. Patient safety is our priority. Our regulatory authority adheres to all standards for the safe use of all medicines and vaccines.” Does.”

The company further said, “Clinical trials and data from different countries have proven that our vaccine meets the safety standards. Regulators around the world have also acknowledged that the benefits of the vaccine outweigh its rare side effects.” There are far more.”

AstraZeneca saved the lives of 6 million people
The company has also claimed that in April 2021 itself, they had included the danger of TTS in some cases in the product information. It has been proven in many studies that in the first year after the introduction of AstraZeneca vaccine during the Corona epidemic, it has saved the lives of about 60 lakh people.

The World Health Organization (WHO) had also said that this vaccine is safe and effective for people aged 18 years and above. At the time of its launch, the then British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had called it a major victory for British science.

AstraZeneca vaccine is not being used in Britain
The special thing is that this vaccine is no longer being used in Britain. According to the Telegraph report, scientists had realized the danger of this vaccine a few months after its launch in the market. After this, it was suggested that people below 40 years of age should also be given a second dose of the vaccine. This is because the harm caused by AstraZeneca vaccine was greater than the danger of Corona.

According to the Medicines Healthcare Products Regulatory (MHRA), there are 81 cases in Britain in which it is suspected that people died due to blood clots caused by the vaccine. According to the MHRA, one out of every five people who suffered side effects has died.

According to the report, according to data obtained through Freedom of Information, the government had given compensation to 163 people in Britain in February. Of these, 158 were those who had received the AstraZeneca vaccine.

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