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₹35 Lakhs for 10 Sec?

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In anticipation of the World Cup final clash between India and Australia this Sunday, the enthusiasm among Indians knows no bounds. With prayers for India’s second World Cup win echoing, daily records are shattering with each ball and bat. Not just on the field, but also in the TV and digital spheres, new benchmarks are being set throughout this tournament.

The Business of Ads: Skyrocketing Rates and Reserved Slots

Reports from advertising insiders reveal that Disney Hotstar is the broadcast platform for these World Cup matches. Almost 70% of advertising slots were sold even before the World Cup commenced, leaving only 30% to be filled during the tournament. With the final match approaching, companies are demanding up to ₹35 lakhs for a 10-second ad slot, although negotiations on pricing are ongoing, with most settling around ₹25 to ₹30 lakhs. Disney Hotstar, however, remains firm on their rates.

Doubled Rates: Television Advertisements and Increased Viewership

Insider sources also confirm that advertisement rates on both television and digital platforms have doubled. At the beginning of the World Cup, a 10-second ad slot on television cost between ₹5 to ₹6 lakhs, a figure that has now surged to ₹8 to ₹10 lakhs. Viewership on television has surpassed that of the 2019 World Cup by 12%, generating approximately ₹25 billion in revenue for Star and Disney.

Viewership Records Shattered Twice

Disney Hotstar reports that viewership records have been shattered twice during this World Cup. The India-South Africa match drew in 44 million viewers, setting an initial record, which was then eclipsed during the India-New Zealand semi-final, watched by a staggering 53 million. Industry experts predict that this record might tumble again during the upcoming final on Sunday. According to BARC, a whopping 430 million individuals have tuned in to watch the 34 World Cup matches on television.

The anticipation is palpable, and the stakes are high as India prepares to take on Australia in a clash that not only promises sporting excitement but also a lucrative field for advertisers and broadcasters alike.


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