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World Economy in 2050: PwC’s New Research Predicts Dramatic Shifts

World Economy in 2050: PwC's New Research Predicts Dramatic Shifts

Global Economic Landscape by 2050

In a recent study by PwC, it’s predicted that in the next 30 years, the world’s largest economies will be those currently emerging. These nations will surpass existing economic giants like the United States, Japan, and Germany. Among them is Indonesia, a Muslim country, which will overtake both Russia and Japan. By 2050, China is projected to become the world’s largest economic powerhouse, with India following closely behind. However, Pakistan is notably absent from this list.

Growth Amidst Challenges

Despite Brexit, the COVID-19 pandemic, and ongoing trade disputes globally, the world economy is poised for rapid growth. Despite immediate challenges, the global economy could grow at twice the current rate by 2050. While the United Nations estimates only a modest 26% increase in the world’s population by that time.

Indonesia Surpassing Russia and Japan

According to BBC’s report, economic growth will bring about significant changes, although predicting the future remains challenging. Most economists agree that today’s developing markets will be tomorrow’s economic powerhouses. Indonesia is expected to reach the 4th position by 2050 with a leap of 4 points.

Economic Ups and Downs by 2050

As per the report “The World in 2050” by the international professional service firm PwC, six of the world’s seven largest economies by the next 30 years will be today’s emerging economies. According to this, the USA will slip to the second position, while Japan will fall to 8th place, and Germany will drop to 9th. The report also suggests that smaller economies like Vietnam, the Philippines, and Nigeria will see substantial rises in their rankings over the next three decades.

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