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Annual 3-Day Hanuman Festival at Shri Giridhari Balaji Dham

Annual 3-Day Hanuman Festival at Shri Giridhari Balaji Dham

Shri Giridhari Balaji Dham, situated atop a hill in the town, is gearing up for its annual 3-day Hanuman Jayanti celebrations, starting today. The festivities are organized by the Giridhari Balaji Seva Samiti, led by Dilip Singh Rathore and Lokesh Sharma.

Day 1: Grand Procession from Ganesh Temple to Giridhari Balaji

The celebrations kick off with a grand procession from the Ganesh Temple to Giridhari Balaji at 8:30 AM on Sunday morning. The main attraction of the procession will be the magnanimous idols of Lord Hanuman.

Day 2: Mahayagna for Blessings and Prosperity

On Monday evening, starting at 4:30 PM, a grand Mahayagna for blessings and prosperity will take place. Devotees are invited to participate and seek the divine blessings.

Day 3: Musical Recital of Sundarkand and Divine Aarti

Tuesday morning starts with hundreds of devotees gathering at 8:30 AM to recite the Sundarkand in a musical rendition. In the evening at 7:30 PM, a magnificent darshan and aarti will be performed, followed by a grand Bhajan Sandhya program at 9:15 PM. The program will feature live performances by renowned bhajan artists.

Largest Religious Gathering in Chirana

Jitesh Agrawal, the chairman of the Samiti, stated that this is the largest religious event in Chirana. Devotees from nearby villages are expected to participate in large numbers during the 3-day event.

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