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Astro Tips For Money: Do these 5 easy steps daily

Astro Tips For Money

Every person wants prosperity in his home. May the family members be happy and may happiness and prosperity always prevail. All these things can remain in the house only when there is positive energy in the house, due to negative energy in the house, the person has to bear physical and mental stress.

The family members start falling ill, there is shortage of money and the troubles increase. In such a situation, some measures can be taken to bring positivity in the house, which will ensure happiness and prosperity in the house. Let us know what should be done daily to bring positivity in the house.
According to the scriptures, Goddess Lakshmi enters only the house where there is cleanliness, hence clean the house daily, especially never leave the main door dirty. Goddess Lakshmi always arrives from the main entrance so as not to leave dirt or shoes here.

  • -According to astrology, to avoid negativity in the house, to remain happy, put salt in water and mop the house. By doing this there is no trouble in the house and the family members live with love. It also removes negativity.
  • – Light a lamp at the main entrance of the house in the evening. Doing this brings blessings and prosperity to the house. For this you can use mustard oil.
  • If there are frequent fights in the house, then to remove such negativity, install an arch made of mango leaves at the main entrance.
  • According to the scriptures, it is auspicious to worship Tulsi in the morning and evening. To bring positivity in the house, water the Tulsi plant every morning and light a lamp in the evening.
  • – Every day after waking up in the morning, offer water to the Sun God. Offering water to the Sun strengthens the position of the Sun in the horoscope, which increases the position of the person and gives him respect.
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