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Effect of Using Air Conditioning on Car Mileage

Effect of Using Air Conditioning on Car Mileage

Air Conditioning on Car Mileage: In hot weather, the air conditioner (AC) in the car becomes a necessity. People rely on AC while traveling in their cars, as it’s challenging to drive without it. However, many wonder if using the AC affects the mileage of the car. Let’s explore how much truth lies in this.

Does Air Conditioning Reduce Mileage?

Many believe that using the AC in the car decreases its mileage. This happens because the car’s AC is directly connected to the engine. When the AC is turned on, it puts extra pressure on the engine, leading to increased fuel consumption.

Impact on Mileage

However, using the AC doesn’t significantly affect the mileage of the car. The mileage may decrease by only 4-5 percent when the AC is on. The effect depends largely on where you’re driving. If you’re driving in congested city areas, the impact will be more significant compared to driving on highways.

How Much Does Mileage Decrease?

If your car gives a mileage of 15 kilometers per liter (kmpl), using the AC may reduce it to around 13 kmpl. But if you keep the AC running for extended periods while the car is stationary, it will consume more petrol.


For instance, in a car with a 1000cc engine, idling for an hour consumes about 1 liter of petrol. However, if you start the car and let it idle with the AC on, it will consume approximately 1.5 liters of petrol in the same time.

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