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New Generation Renault Duster Unveiled: What to Expect

New Generation Renault Duster Unveiled: What to Expect

Renault has unveiled images of the new generation Renault Duster, showcasing an SUV that is quite appealing with its Renault badge. Scheduled for entry into the Indian market in 2025, this SUV bears resemblance to the newly designed Dacia Duster present in the global market, albeit with a fresh Renault logo.

Design Enhancements and Exterior Features

The new generation Renault Duster boasts muscular stance and broad-level SUV elements. It features a prominent Renault badge on the grille and lighting signatures reminiscent of the Bigster concept. The straight look is further accentuated by V-shaped ship lights, thick cladding, and boxy style. Expect to see 17 or 18-inch wheels on the upcoming Duster, ensuring the SUV maintains its robust appeal.

Interior Comfort and Technological Advancements

On the inside, expect a minimalist interior with a large 10-inch touchscreen and a new digital instrument cluster. While being a functional SUV, it still offers an ample array of features.

Market Competition and Variants

Upon its arrival in the Indian market, this 4343mm long SUV will compete with cars like the Creta and Seltos. The new Duster will be available solely with a petrol engine initially, although a mild hybrid and possibly a 4×4 variant might be introduced in India.

Hybrid and Electric Variants

In the global market, there exists a new full hybrid variant equipped with two electric motors promising 80% electric driving in the city and a range of 543 kilometers. However, the 4×4 mild hybrid is also available.

Future Prospects in the Indian Market

Renault recently announced its plans for India, which include introducing a new SUV and a 7-seater SUV. The new Duster will make its way back into the Indian market soon, carving its niche in the compact SUV segment, which currently stands as one of the most competitive segments. It’s speculated that the mild hybrid Duster will be the first to arrive, but if a full hybrid variant is introduced, it will undoubtedly be a highlight for the car.

With its revamped design, enhanced features, and potential hybrid options, the new generation Renault Duster is set to make a significant impact in the Indian automotive market.

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