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OnePlus Faces Retail Store Boycott in India

OnePlus Faces Retail Store Boycott in India

Retailers in India Drop OnePlus Products Amid Profit Margin and Service Concerns

In a significant setback for OnePlus, numerous retail outlets across India are opting to remove OnePlus products from their shelves.

Profit Margins Strain Retailers

According to a report by Money Control, as of May 1, more than 4,300 retail stores in India have decided to discontinue OnePlus sales. This move, initiated by the South Indian Organized Retailers Association (ORA), stems from two primary issues.

Low Profit Margins

One of the key reasons behind this decision is the consistently low profit margins associated with selling OnePlus products. Retailers find it financially challenging to sustain their businesses with such meager returns.

Service Delays Aggravate Situation

Additionally, retailers express discontent over OnePlus’s handling of warranty and service claims, citing frequent delays. This aspect tarnishes the customer experience and adversely impacts retailers’ reputation and customer loyalty.

Retailers Voice Frustrations

In a statement issued by the retailers association, they express disappointment over the unresolved challenges they face in selling OnePlus products. They emphasize the expectation of a more collaborative and mutually beneficial partnership with OnePlus.

Fallout and Implications

Effective May 1, these retailers, representing a consortium of over 20 retail chains and 4,300 stores under the South Indian ORA, will cease retailing OnePlus products. This collective action poses a significant setback for OnePlus in the Indian market unless a resolution is reached promptly.

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