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Speed, Entertainment, Unlimited: ACT Fibernet’s Newest Packages!


In a fantastic development for Delhi residents, ACT Fibernet has launched four new broadband packages that deliver both entertainment and high-speed connectivity. These new packages encompass a range of over-the-top (OTT) platforms such as Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, Jio5, 300+ TV channels, SonyLIV, and YuppTV. The new ACT Fibernet plans include DELACT Welcome Plus, DELACT Grand, DELACT Welcome Stream, and ACT Platinum Promo.

ACT Fibernet New Plans

DELACT Welcome Plus

Offering download speeds of up to 50 Mbps and unlimited data, this plan also includes a complimentary one-month subscription to Netflix and Disney+ Hotstar. Priced at ₹649 per month.

DELACT Welcome Stream

This plan delivers speeds of up to 50 Mbps, unlimited data, and a router. Additionally, it provides access to Netflix. Priced at ₹699 per month.

ACT Platinum Promo

An excellent choice for users seeking fast speeds, unlimited data, and entertainment. With download speeds of 250 Mbps, it’s ideal for HD video streaming, gaming, and various online activities. The unlimited data enables seamless online experiences without any limitations. This plan is priced at ₹1,049.

DELACT Grand Plan

Priced at ₹1,499, this plan offers 400 Mbps speed, unlimited data, a mesh router, and a plethora of features including Netflix.

Diverse ACT Fibernet Plans

ACT Fibernet offers several broadband plans in Delhi, among which the ACT Welcome Plan, priced at ₹549 per month, offers 50 Mbps download speed, a router, and limitless data. This expansive range caters to diverse connectivity needs.

The introduction of these new plans by ACT Fibernet is set to revolutionize the broadband landscape in Delhi, offering residents a gamut of options to suit their specific internet requirements.

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