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Actress Love Affairs: Stars’ Romantic Relationships, Breakups, Marriages, and Divorces

Jeenat Aman

In the world of cinema, the love lives of stars often remain a common topic of discussion. Many celebrities have had extramarital affairs, and some have even been married two or three times. One actress from the 1970s, who married twice, is included in this list, and she was even associated with the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Celebrity Romantic Entanglements: A Common Feature of the Film Industry

These days, actresses are often under scrutiny and find themselves embroiled in controversies. Recently, one such actress has found herself surrounded by controversy regarding her live-in relationship statement. Yes, we’re talking about the beautiful actress Jeenat Aman, who made her debut in the 1970 film “The Evil Within.” In the same year, she also won the titles of Femina Miss India and Miss Asia Pacific International.

A Second Marriage within a Year

Jeenat Aman faced many challenges in her personal life. After dating Sanjay Khan for several years, she married him in 1978. However, just a year later, in 1979, they went their separate ways. In 1985, Jeenat Aman remarried once again. This time, she tied the knot with actor Mazhar Khan. Sadly, Mazhar Khan passed away in 1998, leaving Jeenat a widow.

Linked with Former PM of Pakistan

In recent years, Jeenat Aman’s name has been linked with former Pakistani Prime Minister and cricketer Imran Khan. It is said that when Jeenat Aman was in Lahore, she was questioned about her relationship with Imran Khan. At that time, she had said that these were old matters and should be forgotten.

Current Controversy Surrounding Jeenat Aman

It’s worth noting that Jeenat Aman is currently making headlines due to a statement she made about live-in relationships. A few days ago, she posted a lengthy message on Instagram, saying, “If you are in a relationship, I strongly support living together before getting married!”

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