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‘Article 370’ Starring Yami Gautam Creates Box Office Sensation

'Article 370' Starring Yami Gautam Creates Box Office Sensation

The movie ‘Article 370’ starring Yami Gautam is creating a buzz in theaters. This film has proven to be a sleeper hit of 2024. It made a promising start at the box office, recouping its budget in its opening weekend. Despite fluctuations in its earnings over the weeks, ‘Article 370’ has maintained a strong grip on the box office, surpassing its costs by multiples.

Box Office Success of ‘Article 370’ in its Second Week

Discover how ‘Article 370’ fared on its 10th day, which falls on the second Sunday post-release.

Earnings on the 10th Day of Release

Yami Gautam’s film revolves around the removal of Article 370 in Kashmir, touching upon themes of terrorism. Not only did ‘Article 370’ receive favorable reviews from critics, but audiences also showered it with immense love. Consequently, the film has seen substantial earnings. Despite facing competition from other films like ‘Crack’ starring Vidyut Jammwal and ‘Missing Ladies’ produced by Aamir Khan Productions, ‘Article 370’ continues to thrive at the box office. The second weekend saw a remarkable surge in earnings for Yami Gautam’s film. Speaking of its collections:

  • In its first week, the film earned a commendable 35.6 crore rupees.
  • Moving on to the second week, the film saw a significant increase in revenue. On the second Friday, it grossed 3 crore rupees, followed by a staggering 83.33% leap on Saturday, amassing 5.5 crore rupees.
  • As the film enters its 10th day, it has already accumulated an impressive sum.

Box Office Collections on the 10th Day

According to early trend reports, ‘Article 370’ collected 6.35 crore rupees on its 10th day, which is the second Sunday after its release. This brings the total earnings of ‘Article 370’ to 50.45 crore rupees within a span of 10 days.

Worldwide Earnings of ‘Article 370’

Not only has ‘Article 370’ made significant strides in domestic markets, but it has also made waves globally. The film is receiving an outstanding response from audiences worldwide, resulting in robust collections. Yami Gautam shared initial earnings figures on her Instagram, revealing that the film has raked in an impressive 64.34 crore rupees globally within 9 days of its release. It is anticipated to surpass the 65 crore mark on its 10th day, solidifying its position as a global success.

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