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Romantic Getaways Near Delhi for Valentine’s Day

Romantic Getaways Near Delhi for Valentine's Day

Experience Love in the Air at These Exquisite Destinations

Valentine’s Day brings joy to couples as February approaches. If you’re looking to make your partner feel special on Valentine’s Day, there are some beautiful places near Delhi where you can go.

Agra: Witness the Symbol of Love

Accessible via the Agra Expressway, you can reach Agra from Delhi in just 2 to 3 hours. If you’re headed from Delhi to Agra, you can return within a day. Here, you can visit the symbol of love, the Taj Mahal, with your partner.

Neemrana: Explore History and Adventure

If you wish to roam around and return within a day, you can visit Neemrana Fort. This fort is located 122 kilometers away from Delhi. You can also be a part of the zip-lining tour here. Additionally, you can enjoy spa and swimming with your partner.

Damdama Lake: Tranquil Escape by the Lake

If you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day peacefully by a beautiful lake with your partner, you can head to Damdama Lake. It takes about an hour to reach here from Delhi. You can also enjoy boating on the lake.

Sohna: Relax Amidst Scenic Hills

Sohna is the perfect place to spend a relaxing moment amidst scenic views. It may take about 1-2 hours to reach here from Delhi.

These destinations near Delhi offer a perfect romantic getaway for couples looking to celebrate their love on Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s exploring historical landmarks, indulging in adventure activities, or simply enjoying serene natural beauty, these places have something special to offer for every couple.

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