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Action should be taken against Rahul Gandhi’, know about which statement the Vice Chancellors, angry with him, wrote an open letter

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Vice Chancellors and professors of various universities wrote an open letter on Monday (May 6, 2024) regarding Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s comments on the selection process of Vice Chancellors. It was said that Rahul Gandhi has resorted to lies for political gains.

The letter said, “The process by which Vice-Chancellors are selected is characterized by a process based on the values of merit, scholarship and distinction. Selection is based solely on academic and administrative skills and a vision of taking the universities forward. “has been done since.”

It further said, “Rahul Gandhi has resorted to lies and has defamed us on a large scale with the intention of taking political advantage from it. For this reason, we pray that appropriate action should be taken against them immediately under the law.

This letter has been written by 181 educationists and vice chancellors of the country. In fact, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi has been saying that the appointment of Vice Chancellors is not done on the basis of merit but because of their association with RSS.

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