Home राष्ट्रीय BJP Workers Allegedly Vandalize Vehicles Outside Congress Office in Amethi, Uttar Pradesh

BJP Workers Allegedly Vandalize Vehicles Outside Congress Office in Amethi, Uttar Pradesh

BJP Workers Allegedly Vandalize Vehicles Outside Congress Office in Amethi, Uttar Pradesh

Political Uproar in Amethi: BJP Workers Accused of Vandalism Outside Congress Office

An incident of uproar and vandalism has surfaced outside the Congress office in Amethi, Uttar Pradesh. The Congress party alleges that workers from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) targeted vehicles parked outside the office. The party further claims that the police, present at the scene, remained passive spectators instead of taking action against the attackers. Dozens of vehicles are reported to have been targeted in this incident, prompting the lodging of a complaint with the local police.

Congress Accuses BJP of Sabotage as Vehicles are Vandalized in Amethi

Supriya Shrinet, a leader and spokesperson for the Congress, shared a video of the attack, accusing the BJP of sabotage. Shrinet stated, “Vehicles parked outside the Congress office in Amethi were vandalized. The police stood idly by while BJP supporters engaged in hooliganism. Times have changed, vandalizing vehicles won’t serve the BJP!” The video footage depicts numerous vehicles being vandalized, accompanied by voices expressing outrage over the incident.

Attackers Flee After Vandalizing Vehicles

The perpetrators fled the scene after damaging the vehicles.

Investigation Underway: Alleged Involvement of BJP Workers

According to initial reports, a group of individuals arrived in a black Scorpio to vandalize the parked vehicles outside the office. Allegedly, a police vehicle was also accompanying them, although this has yet to be confirmed. Efforts are underway to review CCTV footage from nearby establishments to verify these claims. Congress leaders stated that upon hearing the commotion, they emerged from the office, prompting the attackers to flee.

Congress Names Candidate Amidst Vandalism Reports

News of the vehicle attack in Amethi surfaces as the Congress announces its candidate for the area. Kishori Lal Sharma has been nominated by the Congress, known for his close ties to the Gandhi family. Sharma is contesting against Union Minister and BJP leader Smriti Irani. He has already filed his nomination. Initially, there were speculations about Rahul Gandhi contesting from Amethi.

Political Implications and Response

The incident of vandalism outside the Congress office in Amethi carries significant political implications. As both parties gear up for the upcoming elections, such confrontations highlight the tense atmosphere prevailing in the region. Congress’s swift response to the incident underscores its determination to hold BJP accountable for what it perceives as acts of sabotage.

BJP Denies Allegations, Calls for Fair Investigation

In response to Congress’s accusations, BJP officials deny any involvement in the vandalism. They call for a fair and thorough investigation into the incident. BJP emphasizes the importance of maintaining peace and order during the electoral process, condemning any form of violence or disruption.

Local Authorities’ Response

Local authorities assure that a thorough investigation is underway. The police have promised to review all available evidence, including CCTV footage, to identify the perpetrators and take appropriate action. They urge all parties to maintain calm and cooperate with the investigation process.

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