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Dehydration: What to do if you get dehydration-diarrhea due to heat? These home remedies will remove the problem


It is scorching heat: From the mountains to the plains, everything is scorching and people’s health is deteriorating very quickly due to this heat. Due to excessive sweating during the summer season, the body quickly becomes a victim of dehydration. Apart from this, diarrhea also occurs frequently in this season. Diarrhea causes vomiting and diarrhea due to which there is deficiency of water and nutrients in the body.

Due to extreme heat, stale food, bacteria-rich food or spicy food, vomiting and diarrhea occur and the body becomes weaker than before. In such a situation, if you want, you can adopt some effective home remedies for dehydration and diarrhea. Let us know what measures should be taken if the body has become a victim of diarrhea and dehydration due to heat. Also know in which situation going to the doctor is the right option.

What to do to prevent dehydration and diarrhea

Due to dehydration, there is lack of water in the body and special attention should be paid to it. Instead of plain water, consume lemon water, coconut water, shikanji. Give ORS solution in water to the patient. This will fulfill the deficiency of nutrients in his body. Consume such fruits which contain more water. Consume curd, buttermilk daily and keep consuming electrolytes from time to time. The patient should consume banana and curd by mixing it, this provides great relief from diarrhea.

You will get relief with the help of these tips

In Ayurveda, fennel is said to be good for health because it has cooling effect. This also provides relief from diarrhea and also removes dehydration. Boil half teaspoon fennel in four glasses of water. Now cool that water and drink it like tea three to four times a day. This will provide relief from diarrhea. Tulsi is also considered very effective for diarrhea and dehydration.

This relieves stomach ache caused by diarrhea and also eliminates diarrhea bacteria. Tulsi extract will be available in the market, dissolve it in water and consume it three to four times a day.

Drinking hibiscus flower tea removes water deficiency in the body. Making tea out of it, cooling it and drinking it twice a day will provide relief from diarrhea and will remove the deficiency of nutrients in the body. Along with this, Giloy juice also reduces the symptoms of diarrhea. This relieves digestive problems.

When is it necessary to see a doctor?

Let us tell you that in case of common dehydration and diarrhea, the situation gets resolved by adopting home remedies. But if diarrhea has become more severe or there is severe dehydration in the body, then medical advice should be sought immediately. If the patient is having frequent diarrhea or excessive vomiting, then he needs medical treatment. When there is excessive water deficiency in the body, the patient complains of nausea, headache, dizziness along with vomiting and diarrhea. This means that diarrhea is in serious condition and in such a situation it is necessary to go to the doctor instead of using home remedies.

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