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Enhanced Features Await the Upcoming Updated XUV700 from Mahindra: Leaked Insights

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In the world of mid-sized SUVs, the game is evolving as Tata Harrier and Safari introduce a plethora of new features, sparking a heightened competition. However, amidst this, Mahindra seems poised to elevate its flagship SUV, the XUV700, with substantial updates, potentially aligning it competitively against the Harrier and Safari. Notably, despite the competition, the XUV700 boasts significantly higher sales.

Leaked reports referencing the updated XUV700 brochure hint at the inclusion of captain seats in the second row with personalized armrests, offering a 6-seat layout. Presently, Mahindra presents this mid-sized SUV in 7 and 8-seater configurations. The new XUV700’s captain seats are expected to feature recline and sliding functions for added comfort and flexibility.

Moreover, the updated XUV700 might feature an auto-dimming internal rear-view mirror (IRVM), a feature notably absent during its 2021 launch. The IRVM may incorporate an auto-dimming function toggle switch for on/off control. Additionally, the anti-glare auto-adjustment switch could enable reflection adjustment on the IRVM from vehicles approaching from the rear, enhancing safety while driving at night.

Despite these revelations, specifics regarding additional changes in XUV700’s features or specs are yet undisclosed. Expectedly, it may retain similar engine options—a possibility of a 2.2-litre mHawk diesel unit and a 2.0-litre mStallion turbo petrol unit. Both engines might be paired with 6-speed manual and automatic gearbox options. The top-tier diesel engine variant may even offer an all-wheel-drive setup as an option.


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