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Manipur’s Ethnic Unrest: Opposition Parties Seek Talks with PM Modi


Recent ethnic turmoil in Manipur has triggered a unified call for action from several opposition parties, forming the I.N.D.I.A coalition. This coalition’s primary agenda revolves around addressing the alarming ethnic violence that has plagued the state, prompting a crucial meeting with Manipur’s Governor, Anusuya Uikey, on Thursday, November 17, 2023.

Their key agenda? Initiating discussions with Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding the persisting ethnic tensions within the state. Amidst escalating concerns and widespread displacement affecting over 60,000 individuals, the former Chief Minister of Manipur and Congress leader, O. Ibobi Singh, emphasized the critical role Prime Minister Modi plays in restoring peace and stability to the region.

The opposition’s stance is unequivocal: a multi-party conference aims to chart a pathway towards a sustainable resolution to the ongoing crisis. Ibobi Singh stressed the urgency for an all-inclusive discussion on this pressing issue, highlighting that if the Prime Minister’s schedule permits, they are prepared to convene in Delhi for a direct dialogue.

Singh lamented the prolonged strife in Manipur, lasting over six months, resulting in tragic losses of numerous lives and the internal displacement of tens of thousands. He brought attention to the deplorable conditions faced by locals in relief camps, where basic humanitarian aid remains scarce.

Moreover, there’s palpable skepticism among the populace regarding the state government’s efficacy in addressing these concerns. Singh expressed that only the central government possesses the capacity to instill trust and alleviate the prevailing skepticism.

The National Human Rights Commission highlighted areas where violence has not yet ceased, underlining the critical need for immediate action.The prevailing sentiment among the I.N.D.I.A coalition and other opposition entities underscores the necessity for a concerted effort to quell the ongoing unrest. The coalition’s overture to engage with Prime Minister Modi signifies a unified determination to seek lasting solutions and restore tranquility to Manipur.

The escalating crisis in Manipur necessitates urgent attention and collaborative action. The collective plea from various political entities emphasizes the indispensable role of the central government in resolving the protracted turmoil plaguing the region.

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