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Big Boss 17 Weekend Episode: Salman Khan Sparks Controversy

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The latest season of Big Boss, Season 17, continues to make waves as controversies stir within. The TRP charts glorify the show’s dominance while the contestants, including various celebrities, keep the audience entertained with their performances.

Salman’s Fury Unleashed

During the weekend’s episode, Salman Khan addressed the housemates with a tone of disappointment, hinting at brewing discontent. Reports surfaced of Anurag Dobhal considering leaving the show due to alleged interference by Salman Khan in strategic gameplay. Khan vehemently denied these accusations, emphasizing his responsibility as a host to guide contestants for potential future endeavors.

Khan’s Assertive Stand

Expressing his frustration, Salman clarified his stance, stating, “I won’t be labeled foolish nor inexperienced. My expertise surpasses mere advice-giving.” He firmly reiterated his commitment to only engage with contestants who reciprocate understanding and willingness to heed guidance.

Uncertain Future as Host

Amidst speculations, Salman Khan’s unequivocal statements about bias and selective communication have left fans questioning his continuity as the host for future seasons.

The Weekend Episode’s aftermath has left fans pondering Salman Khan’s potential departure from hosting the reality show’s upcoming seasons.


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