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Clarification, Apology, and Community Support

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The filming of ‘Journey’ in Varanasi featuring Nana Patekar has garnered attention due to a viral video. Patekar’s clarification regarding an incident during the shoot sheds light on the misunderstanding. The incident, mistaken as an off-screen altercation, was actually a scene rehearsal.

Patekar clarified that the incident, misconstrued by an onlooker, was part of a scripted scene where a character hurls derogatory remarks at him. In costume and character, Patekar responded by pushing the person away. However, the situation was wrongly captured, leading to a viral misunderstanding.

Expressing regret over the misunderstanding, Patekar extended an apology for the unintended repercussions. Despite the viral nature of the incident, he emphasized his commitment to non-violence and his affection for people.

Moreover, amidst the bustling Varanasi ghats, the filming encountered tremendous local support, with no complaints from the residents despite the crowds.

This clarification aims to dispel any misconceptions and reaffirm Patekar’s commitment to peaceful conduct. His willingness to apologize to the person involved, if they can be identified, reflects his earnestness in resolving the misunderstanding.

The incident, though blown out of proportion, highlights the need for accurate context in viral content. Patekar’s apology and explanation seek to restore the truth behind the misunderstood on-set moment.

This clarification provides insights into the incident, emphasizing the importance of context and the support received during the shoot in Varanasi.


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