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Threatening Emails in New York City Spark Fear of Bombs in Jewish Communities

Threatening Emails in New York City Spark Fear of Bombs in Jewish Communities

The recent surge of threatening emails in New York City has sent shockwaves through the community, particularly among Jewish congregations and institutions. Over 20 emails were received, each containing ominous warnings of bombs planted in more than two dozen Jewish worship centers and establishments across the city, instilling fear of imminent explosions.

The Menace of Threatening Emails

According to reports from the ‘New York Post’, the emails were sent on Saturday, May 4, 2024, and contained messages such as, “Hello, if you are seeing this mail then you are talking about the bomb. Stay alert, which I have installed inside your building.” The senders identified themselves as the ‘Terrorizers 111’ group, emphasizing the seriousness of their threats. They warned recipients that failure to act within a limited time frame would result in catastrophic consequences, stating, “This is not a threat. I have planted a bomb inside your building. You have only a few hours left to diffuse it, otherwise you will see only blood everywhere.”

Targets and Impact

The targeted recipients of these threatening emails were primarily synagogues and Jewish centers, with 14 synagogues in Manhattan, two in Brooklyn, five in Queens, two upstate temples, and one in Long Island being among the recipients. Additionally, the New York Landmarks Conservancy also received a similar email, indicating a widespread campaign of intimidation.

Context Amidst Rising Anti-Semitism

These alarming incidents occur against the backdrop of increasing anti-Semitic sentiments in various parts of the United States. Five major cities, including New York, have witnessed a rise in anti-Semitic activities. This escalation is further exacerbated by the ongoing conflict between Hamas and Israel, with demonstrations in support of Palestine being observed on college campuses across America.

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