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Voting Live Updates: Phase 3 of UP Lok Sabha Election 2024

Voting Live Updates: Phase 3 of UP Lok Sabha Election 2024

The third phase of the Uttar Pradesh Lok Sabha Election 2024 is underway, covering constituencies in Sambhal, Hathras, Agra, Fatehpur Sikri, Firozabad, Mainpuri, Etah, Badaun, and Bareilly. Here are the latest updates on the voting process.

Sambhal Constituency: Citizens Cast Their Votes in High Spirits

In Sambhal, voters are actively participating in the electoral process. The constituency is witnessing a high turnout as people come out to exercise their democratic right.

Hathras: Voters Queue Up Despite the Heat

Despite the scorching heat, Hathras is witnessing a substantial voter turnout. Citizens are standing in long queues outside polling booths, eager to cast their ballots.

Agra: Enthusiastic Voter Turnout

Agra, known for its historical significance, is also witnessing an enthusiastic voter turnout. People from all walks of life are showing up to vote, contributing to the democratic process.

Fatehpur Sikri: Voters Show Their Commitment

In Fatehpur Sikri, voters are demonstrating their commitment to democracy. The turnout is impressive, with citizens showing a strong interest in electing their representatives.

Firozabad: Citizens Exercise Their Right to Vote

Firozabad is witnessing a significant voter turnout, with citizens exercising their right to vote responsibly. Despite various challenges, people are determined to participate in the electoral process.

Mainpuri: Voters Display Civic Responsibility

Mainpuri constituency is experiencing a notable voter turnout, with citizens displaying their civic responsibility. People are keen on choosing their leaders wisely.

Etah: Active Participation in Voting Process

Etah is witnessing active participation in the voting process, with voters coming out in large numbers to cast their ballots. The enthusiasm among citizens is palpable.

Badaun: Voters Engage in Democratic Exercise

Badaun constituency is seeing a robust voter turnout, with voters engaging in the democratic exercise with enthusiasm. People are showing a keen interest in the election proceedings.

Bareilly: Citizens Cast Their Votes

In Bareilly, citizens are casting their votes with determination. The constituency is witnessing a significant voter turnout, reflecting the electorate’s engagement in the democratic process.

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