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Preity Zinta IPL 2024: The Glamour of IPL Teams and Preity’s Role

Preity Zinta IPL 2024: The Glamour of IPL Teams and Preity's Role

Preity Zinta’s IPL Ventures

The IPL 2024 season is creating waves, with people eagerly following their favorite teams as they strive to reach the finals. Alongside the intense cricket action, Bollywood celebrities are also making their presence felt in the stadiums, cheering for their favorite teams. Bollywood’s interest in cricket has led many stars to own IPL teams, including Shahrukh Khan, Juhi Chawla, and Preity Zinta.

Preity Zinta: From Bollywood to IPL

Preity Zinta, known for her long-standing career in acting, has also ventured into the world of cricket. Despite her distance from the acting world, she continues to earn millions. Preity Zinta is the owner of the IPL team Punjab Kings. Let’s delve into how much she earns from her team.

Earnings from Punjab Kings

Preity’s Punjab Kings has a significant brand value, comprising herself, Ness Wadia, Karan Paul, and Mohit Burman. In 2008, they collectively bought the team with a 2:1:1 ownership ratio, with Karan and Mohit owning two shares and Ness and Preity owning one each.

Revenue Share in IPL

When it comes to IPL earnings, a certain revenue model is followed. TV rights for IPL matches were sold for ₹23,575 crores (Disney Star), and digital rights for ₹3,257.50 crores (Viacom 18). This revenue is divided among various aspects of the IPL, with BCCI taking its share and distributing the rest among the franchises.

Preity’s Earnings

Reports suggest that franchises earn substantial amounts from IPL. Channels purchase media and digital rights, and after BCCI’s commission, the remaining revenue is evenly distributed among all franchises. According to estimates, franchises receive 50% of the revenue, with the other 50% going to BCCI. Besides, Punjab Kings also earns through advertisements and sponsorships.

Investment and Returns

In 2021, Preity invested ₹350 crores in Punjab Kings, owning a substantial stake in the team. It’s worth mentioning that despite not winning any IPL season yet, Preity’s team remains a favorite among fans. She often attends matches to support her team.

Preity’s Role in Matches

During most matches, Preity Zinta can be seen cheering for her team, becoming a significant part of the Punjab Kings’ support system.

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