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BJP preparing to make a big political move in Kaiserganj? Suspense increased tension on Rae Bareli

BJP preparing to make a big political move in Kaiserganj? Suspense increased tension on Rae Bareli

It is famous about Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, that here you are first…you first…that is, it is an example of etiquette and manners. This is also being used in the politics of UP, but this is not a matter of etiquette and manners, it is a fight of political maneuvering.

Bharatiya Janata Party, which is contesting on 75 seats in UP, has still maintained suspense on Kaiserganj and Rae Bareli seats. May 3 is the last day for nomination on both the seats. Opponents in Kaiserganj are waiting for BJP’s announcement. Whereas in Rae Bareli, BJP is waiting for the announcement of Congress. Both are waiting for the opponent to reveal its cards before deciding its candidate.

Who will contest elections from BJP?
Who will contest from BJP on Kaiserganj seat of UP? Will the sitting MP Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh get the ticket again or is BJP preparing to make a new move at the last moment in the arena here? This question has now become very big.

The reason for this is that only 2 days are left for nomination in Kaiserganj. The nomination time will end here on the evening of May 3. Voting is to be held on May 20, but the curtain of suspense has not been lifted yet.

Kaiserganj is just 100 kilometers away from Ayodhya and is a major political center of the state. Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh is considered to be the most powerful leader of BJP here and also a contender, but there are serious allegations against him of sexual exploitation of women wrestlers. He is currently on bail in this case. Charges in this case are to be framed on May 7 in Delhi’s Rouse Avenue Court. In such a situation, BJP is cautious but now there are counting hours left and taking a decision is the need of the hour.

SP-BSP also maintained silence
Interestingly, even SP and BSP have not declared candidates from Kaiserganj till now. Both the parties have not revealed their cards. Samajwadi Party is clearly saying that it is waiting for BJP’s decision.

SP District President in Gonda Arshad Hussain has said that if BJP fields Thakur, we will field a Brahmin and if they field a Brahmin, we will field a Thakur. If they field a Backward, we will field a Dalit. We are discussing five names here.

What will BJP do in Rae Bareli?
BJP has till now declared its candidate from Kaiserganj as well as Rae Bareli seat. The reason is that Congress has not declared its candidate, but now on May 2, the candidate will have to be announced under any circumstances, hence the final countdown of this suspense will attract everyone’s attention. Is pulling.

Meanwhile, big news has come from Delhi quoting sources. It is claimed that Sonia Gandhi has spoken to Rahul-Priyanka. If sources are to be believed, Sonia has asked both of them to reconsider contesting elections from Rae Bareli and Amethi. Sonia told both of them that if you do not contest the elections, it would be equivalent to deliberately making BJP win. Now it will be interesting to see what decision Bharatiya Janata Party, Congress, SP and BSP take on Rae Bareli and Kaiserganj.

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