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Lok Sabha Elections: The Political Dynamics Unfolding in Bihar’s Karakat Seat

The Political Dynamics Unfolding in Bihar's Karakat Seat

The Countdown to Lok Sabha Elections

With just a week left until the commencement of the Lok Sabha elections, the political atmosphere is ablaze with anticipation. The voting for the first phase is set to kick off on April 19. As the election date draws nearer, the political fervor is intensifying, especially in Bihar, where the electoral battle on the Karakat seat has become particularly intriguing. Bhojpuri superstar and singer Pawan Singh has announced his candidacy as an independent contestant from Karakat.

Pawan Singh’s Entry into the Fray

While Pawan Singh gears up to enter the political arena as an independent candidate, former minister Upendra Kushwaha stands with his ‘National Lok Morcha.’ Allegations abound that Pawan Singh is contesting from Karakat at the behest of the BJP. Seema Kushwaha, the leader of the Development-oriented People’s Party, claims that the BJP is grooming Pawan Singh to defeat Upendra Kushwaha. She questions why Pawan Singh isn’t contesting from his home district of Ara.

Rejecting a Ticket from Asansol

Pawan Singh’s decision to contest the elections has injected new life into the political scene of Bihar’s Karakat region. He recently turned down a ticket from Asansol, West Bengal, which was offered to him by the BJP. However, the next day, he surprised everyone by announcing his decision not to contest from Asansol. Instead, he declared his intention to contest from Karakat, placing his party in a strategic position.

Understanding the Electoral Calculus of Karakat

In Karakat, Upendra Kushwaha represents the NDA, while the Mahagathbandhan has nominated Rajaram Kushwaha from CPI-ML. Pawan Singh’s entry into the fray has turned the contest into a triangular one between two Kushwaha leaders and the Bhojpuri star, creating a complex political scenario. When ABP News approached NDA’s candidate and National Lok Morcha’s chief, Upendra Kushwaha, for comment, he evaded direct answers.

Regarding Pawan Singh’s candidacy, he remarked that being a science student, Pawan might find it challenging to address commerce-related issues. In contrast, Upendra Kushwaha emphasized the broad-based support he is receiving across all sections of society.

Demographic Analysis of Karakat

A closer look at the demographic makeup of Karakat reveals approximately 300,000 Yadav voters, nearly 250,000 Kurmi-Koiri voters, and an equal number of Rajput voters. Additionally, there are around 200,000 Vaishya voters, along with a Muslim population of approximately 150,000.

Significance of Pawan Singh’s Candidacy in Karakat

Pawan Singh’s decision to contest from Bihar’s Karakat Lok Sabha seat holds significant implications. His candidacy not only appeals to Rajput voters but also resonates with the youth electorate. If Pawan Singh manages to sway the Rajput voters in his favor, his victory in the Lok Sabha elections becomes highly probable. Until 2009, this seat was known as Vikramganj, where leaders from the Rajput community held sway. However, the demographic landscape shifted post-2009, with leaders from the Koeri community dominating the political scene.

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