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Vishnu Ji: How many incarnations did Lord Vishnu take, by what name is the most powerful incarnation known?

Vishnu Ji: How many incarnations did Lord Vishnu take, by what name is the most powerful incarnation known?

Vishnu Ji Avatar: Whenever there has been a crisis on the earth and unrighteousness has spread, God has taken incarnation to protect the earth and re-established religion. There is description of 24 incarnations of Lord Vishnu (Vishnu ji 24 avatar) in the scriptures.

It is said that out of these, 23 incarnations have been incarnated on earth till now while the 24th incarnation is yet to take place in the form of ‘Kalki avatar’. Do you know which was the most powerful incarnation among all these incarnations of Lord Vishnu? let’s go

Whenever righteousness begins to decline and unrighteousness begins to increase, then I create myself, that is, I take birth. I incarnate in different eras for the protection of human beings, destruction of the wicked and reestablishment of religion.

Dashavatar of Lord Vishnu (Vishnu ji Dashavatar)

According to the scriptures and texts, Shri Hari is considered to be the 24 incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Out of these, 10 incarnations are the main incarnations of Lord Vishnu, it is also called ‘Dasavatar’.

Matsya Avatar: Matsya Avatar is said to be the first incarnation of Lord Vishnu. When a demon had hidden the Vedas in the depths of the sea, the Lord appeared in the incarnation of a fish and found the Vedas.

Kachhapa Avatar (Kurma Avatar): During Samudra Manthan, when Mandar Mountain was churned into a churner, it was sinking into the ocean, then Shri Hari took Kachhapa or Kurma Avatar and held Mandar Mountain on his back. With this the churning of the ocean could be completed.

Varaha Avatar: When Hiranyakshipu’s brother Hiranyaksha had abducted the earth and hid it in the depths of the ocean, then Shri Hari incarnated in the form of Varaha i.e. a pig and killed Hiranyaksha and freed the earth.

Narasimha Avatar: According to mythological belief, Narasimha Avatar is considered to be the most powerful among all the incarnations of Shri Hari Vishnu. Shri Hari appeared in Narasimha avatar in the form of half lion and half human and he saved the life of devotee Prahlad and killed his father Hiranyakashyap. Even after killing Lord Narasimha, the anger of Lord Narasimha was not calmed down and there was chaos in the universe, then Shiva calmed his anger by taking Sharabha incarnation.

Vamana Avatar (Vamana Avatar): Lord Brahmin came to earth in the form of a child and asked for three feet of land in donation from Prahlad’s grandson King Bali. In three steps, Vamana broke the pride of King Bali by measuring all the three worlds with his feet. Was.

Parshuram Avatar: To save the world from the arrogant destruction of the Kshatriyas, Lord Vishnu took birth as Lord Parshuram. Parshuram ji is Chiranjeevi.

Shri Ram Avatar: Lord Vishnu took birth in Shri Ram Avatar in Treta Yuga. Freed the world from the terror and sin of Ravana.

Shri Krishna (Krishna Avatar): By taking the incarnation of Krishna in Dwapar Yuga, he ended unrighteousness and re-established religion. Shri Krishna had a big role in the war of Mahabharata. He was Arjun’s charioteer in this war.

Buddha Gautam Avatar: Mahatma Gautam Buddha is also one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu. His name was Siddharth. He is considered the founder of Buddhism.

Kalki Avatar: At the end of Kaliyuga, the last incarnation of Shri Hari will be in the form of Kalki. Those who destroy the unrighteous and establish righteousness. After this, Satyayuga will start again.

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