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Toyota Fortuner Leader Edition: Unveiling Toyota’s Latest 7-Seater SUV

Toyota Fortuner Leader Edition: Unveiling Toyota's Latest 7-Seater SUV

Toyota unveils its latest offering, the Fortuner Leader Edition, a new variant of its popular 7-seater SUV. This version, based on the diesel 4×2 models, comes with several upgrades and aesthetic enhancements. Alongside this launch, the Japanese automaker proudly announces surpassing the milestone of 250,000 Fortuner units sold in India since its debut in 2009.

Toyota Fortuner Leader Edition: Pricing and Features

Toyota hasn’t revealed an official price for the Fortuner Leader Edition, but assures prospective buyers that prices will be determined at dealerships based on chosen accessories. Expect a slight premium over the standard Fortuner 4×2, which ranges from Rs 35.93 lakh to Rs 38.21 lakh.

For this premium, customers can enjoy dual-tone seat covers, a tire pressure monitor, auto-folding ORVMs (Outside Rear View Mirrors), and a wireless charger. Externally, the Fortuner Leader Edition boasts new black alloy wheels, with a choice of three dual-tone color options: Super White, Platinum Pearl White, and Silver Metallic, all accentuated with contrasting black elements. Adding to its distinctive appearance are the newly incorporated front and rear bumper spoilers, listed as official accessories by Toyota and installed by authorized dealers.

Toyota Fortuner Leader Edition: Powertrain

Exclusively available in the 4×2 configuration, the Fortuner Leader Edition is equipped with a potent 204hp, 2.8-liter diesel engine. This powerplant generates 500Nm of torque when coupled with the 6-speed automatic transmission and 420Nm when paired with the manual gearbox.

Toyota Fortuner Leader Edition: Rivals

In the fiercely contested SUV segment, the Fortuner faces off against formidable rivals such as the MG Gloster. Moreover, it is soon expected to renew its rivalry with the Ford Endeavour, likely to be reintroduced under the name Everest. (All prices mentioned are ex-showroom, Delhi.)

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