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Retirement Scheme Implemented by Uttar Pradesh Police


Uttar Pradesh, India – In a significant move, the Uttar Pradesh Police force is set to retire all police officers aged 50 and above who have completed their service as the government initiates an extensive screening process. By March 30, 2023, officers in this age group will undergo a thorough review of their service records to determine their retirement eligibility.

Additional Director General (ADG) Sanjay Singhal has issued orders to all Inspector General (IG) Ranges, ADG Zones, and all seven Police Commissioners, along with all department heads, to initiate this procedure. The departments have been directed to write to police captains and police commissioners of all districts, instructing them to conduct screenings for police officers aged 50 or older. These screening reports are to be submitted to the headquarters by November 20, 2023.

The Uttar Pradesh government has taken this decisive step to retire officers who have tarnished records, engaged in corrupt practices, displayed laziness, or exceeded the age of 50. They are implementing the Compulsory Retirement Scheme to facilitate this retirement process. Furthermore, the government has ordered the screening of these officers, with all screening reports due at the headquarters by November 20, 2023.

This move by the Uttar Pradesh Police is part of a broader effort to improve the efficiency and integrity of the police force. It will not only allow for the removal of officers with questionable records but also create opportunities for fresh, dedicated personnel to serve the state.

The retirement scheme aims to ensure that the police force is composed of officers who are fit, efficient, and capable of fulfilling their duties effectively. This action signifies the government’s commitment to maintaining a professional and accountable police force in Uttar Pradesh.

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