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Mukhtar Ansari Death Rituals: Why don’t you organize Mukhtar Ansari’s program after June 4?

Mukhtar Ansari Death Rituals

Mukhtar Ansari Death Rituals: The Supreme Court has postponed the hearing on the petition of jailed MLA Abbas Ansari, in which he had sought permission to attend the non-religious program of his late father Mukhtar Ansari. On Wednesday (May 8), the court asked why this program is not being organized after June 4. The court has adjourned the hearing on the petition till May 15.

Keeping in mind the Lok Sabha elections, Justice Surya Kant and Justice K. V. Vishwanathan’s bench has asked the lawyer appearing for Abbas Ansari to file a fresh application for permission to attend the program after June 4.

Abbas Ansari’s petition adjourned till May 15
Abbas Ansari’s lawyer informed the court that the MLA wanted permission to attend a small non-religious program of his late father on May 15 and Abbas Ansari had not participated in any program related to him. The Supreme Court asked the lawyer to change the date. The court said that Lok Sabha elections are going on and police officers will be busy in election related matters.

The court said, why not organize Mukhtar’s program on June 4?
The bench said, ‘Why don’t you organize it after June 4? The government is against your release and we are also concerned about your safety. Mukhtar Ansari died of a heart attack on March 28 in a hospital in Banda, Uttar Pradesh. Abbas Ansari could not attend his father’s funeral.

Permission was given to attend Mukhtar’s 40th birthday online
Abbas Ansari was allowed to participate in Mukhtar Ansari’s Fatiha and 40th. After the appeal was rejected in the Allahabad High Court, Abbas appealed to the Supreme Court, where he was allowed to attend the program. It was Mukhtar’s 40th birthday on 7th May and the court had allowed him to attend online.

Abbas Ansari is accused of arms license fraud. He is also accused of transferring the arms license to Delhi without informing the Lucknow Police. The Allahabad High Court had rejected Abbas’s plea saying that if Abbas was allowed to attend the 40th, there was a possibility that he might influence witnesses and evidence could also be tampered with.

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