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Tragic Fire Incident Claims 11 Lives in Alipur, Delhi

Tragic Fire Incident Claims 11 Lives in Alipur, Delhi

In the heart of Delhi’s Alipur district, tragedy struck as fire engulfed two paint and chemical warehouses, resulting in the loss of 11 lives and leaving 4 injured. The deceased were rushed to Babu Jagjivan Ram Hospital, while the injured were taken to Raja Harishchandra Hospital. As of now, the victims remain unidentified.

Devastating Blaze Strikes Paint Factory in Alipur

On February 15, 2024, Alipur, Delhi, witnessed a devastating fire incident at a paint factory, spreading grief throughout the area. According to the news agency ANI, the fierce blaze in Alipur has claimed the lives of 11 individuals. The identities of the deceased remain unknown, their bodies charred beyond recognition, making identification a daunting task.

High Population Density Surrounding the Paint Factory

The paint factory in Alipur, where the tragic fire claimed 11 lives, is situated in an area densely populated with residents. At the time of the incident, work was underway within the factory premises, with employees engrossed in their tasks. Following the outbreak of fire on Thursday evening, the employees were unable to escape swiftly, leading to fatalities as they were engulfed by the flames.

Fire Department Teams Conducting Investigation

According to an official from the Delhi Fire Service, the fire incident occurred around 5:25 PM. Upon receiving the alert, 22 fire tenders were dispatched to the scene immediately. By 9 PM, the diligent efforts of the firefighters had successfully extinguished the raging inferno. It was reported that the fire erupted within the factory premises following an explosion. An investigative team has been assembled to probe the matter further, with ongoing inquiries.

Eyewitness Account of the Incident

According to eyewitness Sumit Bharadwaj, “The incident occurred around 5:30 PM. Upon hearing the explosion, people gathered at the scene. We made extensive efforts to douse the flames. The fire extinguishing operation commenced after the arrival of approximately 7 to 8 fire tenders.”

Search Operation Underway

Following the tragic fire that claimed 11 lives in a paint factory in Alipur, Delhi, search and rescue operations are in full swing. Atul Garg, Director of Delhi Fire Service, has stated, “There is a possibility of two more individuals being trapped.”

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