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Bangladesh MP Murder: West Bengal CID Takes Continuous Action

Bangladesh MP Murder

Bangladesh MP Murder:  In a shocking development, the West Bengal CID (Criminal Investigation Department) has made significant progress in the murder investigation of Bangladeshi MP Anwarul Azim Anar. Recently, they arrested a key suspect believed to be deeply involved in the gruesome crime. This suspect, an illegal immigrant from Bangladesh, had been called to Kolkata from Mumbai specifically for this horrendous task.

Key Suspect Arrested

The arrested suspect has been identified as Jihad Havildar, a 24-year-old resident of Khulna, Bangladesh. CID reports indicate that Havildar was summoned to Kolkata by Akhtaruzzaman, the mastermind behind the murder. Akhtaruzzaman, an American citizen of Bangladeshi origin, orchestrated the entire operation. Havildar had relocated to Kolkata two months prior to the murder, following Akhtaruzzaman’s instructions.

The Horrific Details of the Murder

According to CID officials, Havildar has confessed to his involvement in the brutal murder of MP Anwarul Azim. The plan, as revealed by Havildar, was meticulously executed. He, along with four other Bangladeshi nationals, strangled the MP to death in a Kolkata flat. The gruesome nature of the crime did not stop at murder; the perpetrators then skinned the body and meticulously removed all the flesh to hinder identification.

Disposal of the Body

The butcher detailed how they cut the flesh into small pieces, packed them in poly bags, and dismembered the bones in a similar fashion. These small poly packs were then strategically disposed of across various locations in Kolkata, utilizing public transportation like trains and buses to scatter the remains.

Ongoing Investigation

The CID is now in the process of recovering the dismembered body parts. They have planned to present Havildar in court, where further details are expected to emerge. This arrest marks a crucial step in unraveling the complex web of this heinous crime.

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