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Promo of ‘Suhagan Chudail’ released, you will be scared after seeing Nia Sharma

Promo of 'Suhagan Chudail' released, you will be scared after seeing Nia Sharma

Nia Sharma is known for her strong acting. This time Nia is back with ‘Suhagan Chudail’. The devilish avatar of the actress is being seen in this show. Nia has earlier been seen in the supernatural TV show ‘Naagin 4’. Nia will be seen in the role of a witch in ‘Suhagan Chudail’.

Promo release of ‘Suhagan Chudail’

A lot was being said about the show ‘Suhagan Chudail’ and now finally the promo of the show has come out. Yes, Nia Sharma will be seen in a very evil avatar. The promo has come out and Nia Sharma is seen in a red outfit. It can be seen in the promo that the witch’s legs look quite scary. Nia aka ‘Suhagan Chudail’ comes with a warning in her first promo. ‘Who has asked everyone to take care of their love because she has come here to steal their love.’

Nia’s devilish avatar seen

Let us tell you that along with Nia Sharma, Zain Ibad Khan is also in the lead role in ‘Suhagan Chudail’. Actress Debchandrima Singha Roy will also be seen in the show. The story of the show is about a witch who is 200 years old and is on a mission to attain ultimate power. Chudail is acquiring 16 Shringar powers to get the ultimate power and the 16th power is Sindoor and to get it she has to eliminate the 16th man in her life.

‘Naagin 5’ star, this actor will play negative role

Earlier, it was being said that ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ star Shehzada Dhami has been approached to play the lead role in the show but it is not so. It is also being said that ‘Naagin 5’ star Dinesh Mehta will be seen in a negative role in Suhagan Chudail along with Nia and Zain.

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