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BJP candidate Dinesh Singh’s controversial statement on Priyanka Gandhi

BJP candidate Dinesh Singh's controversial statement on Priyanka Gandhi

Bharatiya Janata Party has made Dinesh Pratap Singh the candidate from Rae Bareli Lok Sabha seat, after which the fight on this seat has intensified. After the declaration of candidature from BJP, Dinesh Singh claimed his victory. During this, he also made controversial remarks about Priyanka Gandhi and called her the most cultureless woman in the country.

Dinesh Pratap Singh while talking to ABP News said that there is no challenge for BJP in Rae Bareli. The people of the country know that the country is safe in the hands of PM Modi. PM Modi’s services have reached every village and street. He said that this time we will defeat Rahul Gandhi by a margin of more votes than that by which Sonia Gandhi or Rahul Gandhi’s mother defeated us.

Controversial statement given regarding Priyanka Gandhi
On the question of Priyanka Gandhi contesting elections from Rae Bareli, Dinesh Singh said, “The people of Rae Bareli are looking for Priyanka Gandhi. Because she had come as the guarantor of Sonia Gandhi and after Sonia Gandhi won the elections, she was given the charge of You will serve Rae Bareli but he also gave his name to Kishori Lal Sharma, after which the public kept searching for all three.

Dinesh Pratap Singh said, “Priyanka Gandhi is the most cultureless citizen of this country, I am sad that when the famous Prime Minister told her that she is our daughter, Priyanka Gandhi turned back and said that I am not Modi’s daughter, I am Rajiv.” I am Gandhi’s daughter. When PM Modi said that you are a daughter, at that time he knew that she is Rajiv Gandhi’s daughter, but Indian culture and values say that the nature of a daughter is visible in every daughter.

Know what was said
The BJP candidate said, the name of the one who does not know Indian values and culture is Priyanka Gandhi. The people of Rae Bareli will not let this cultureless Priyanka Gandhi stand. Voting is a different matter. She is the only one whom someone can call daughter and who has objection to being called daughter. She turned 52-53 years old but till date she has not been able to understand the values of India.

He said, I do not consider him Gandhi by any means. This is fake Gandhi. The country calls the real Gandhi Mahatma Gandhi, calls him the Father of the Nation. The one who refuses to call his grandfather Dada cannot be a Gandhi, he cannot be an Indian.

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