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Entertainment News: Karthik Aryan has built a body for Chandu Champion without steroids, the new look went viral on social media

Karthik Aryan

Entertainment News:  As per the demands of the roles, the actors often have to undergo physical transformations including changing their weight. Actor Kartik Aaryan will be seen playing the role of Paralympic gold medalist athlete Murlikant Petkar in the upcoming film Chandu Champion.

Kartik’s new look from this film was released on Wednesday, in which he is seen running with a well-shaped body. The special thing is that Kartik has built this body without any steroids or external supplements. This was revealed by a person close to his fitness team. He says that going from 39 percent fat to seven percent fat was no joke, especially without steroids. But to achieve such a look, a lot of discipline is required.

Since Kartik used to shoot for ten to twelve hours every day, it became more challenging for the team with less sleep. Due to his discipline and dedication, they were successful in achieving this result. Kartik will release the trailer of this film on May 18 in his hometown Gwalior. Currently, he is busy shooting for the film Bhool Bhulaiyaa 3. The shooting of this film is likely to be completed by July.

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